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For the mall, the ambience of Artificial Christmas Decorations must be strictly in place.
2018-12-17 15:01:21

Artificial Christmas Decorations

With the development of the economy, the exchange of international culture has deepened, and Christmas has become more and more important in China. For the mall, the Christmas market cannot be taken lightly, and accordingly, the atmosphere of Artificial Christmas Decorations must be strictly in place.

Christmas decoration jewelry introduction:

1. Lobby: Make a certain space, put a decorated 3 meter high Christmas tree, put a variety of gift boxes around, Santa Claus, 2 deer (with ribbons, lanterns, sedge, trinkets, kT The board is made of white fence and can be lit at night;

2, the gate: two Christmas trees placed on both sides, about 2.5 meters high, decorated with lanterns, ribbons and other trinkets, hanging small color hanging flags;

3, entrance: can be decorated with an arch, decorated with green rattan, hang small lights, and placed a Christmas tree on each side of the door;

4, threshold: the top of the painted Christmas background pattern, with a festive, happy atmosphere, surrounded by green vines and colored lights to decorate, and then hang some small decorations (such as: dolls, snowflakes, small windmills, wind chimes, etc.);

5, next to the door; hanging some small decorations about Christmas;

6, the doorpost: can be placed on the Christmas tree, wrapped in pine vines, embellished with all kinds of Christmas ornaments, and wrapped in string lights;

7, elevator door: paste Santa's stickers, Christmas hat, paste the Christmas tree stickers, you can add some small ornaments; or put a Christmas tree next to the elevator, hang small lights, small ornaments are well decorated;

In addition, in the aisle, entrance, store passage, sub-channel, elevator up and down, etc., two 1.5-meter high Christmas trees (decorated by lanterns, ribbons, small ornaments, etc.) or some artificial Christmas Decorations, small colors Hanging flags and so on.