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The History Of Home Decotations Artificial Flowers
2018-12-05 15:57:59

Home Decotations Artificial Flowers

Turning on historical materials, Chinese folks are no strangers to the application of home decotations artificial flowers. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei and his maiden were the first to use the scented flowers to decorate their hair and chest because they had no flowers to insert during the winter. At that time, the painting "The Picture of the Lady of the Flower" by the painter Zhou Chou was a vivid portrayal. To modern times, domestically produced artificial flowers have achieved rapid development, and a large number of products have been exported in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. On March 16, 2005, an international trade souvenir and handicraft fair was held in Beijing. There were 71 simulation companies participating in the exhibition. Its sales have been the highest in history.

It is true that "the things and the heart are in harmony, the situation and the meaning are combined." Since ancient times, the reason why all the people have loved the vivid flowers and trees, because they are all living individuals in nature, there is a kind of praying for flowers in me, and I have flowers in one of my realms. However, there are still related links in the world, "If you are true and false, you have nothing to do with nothing." While we love flowers, we also provide a wide space for the development of handicrafts such as artificial flowers, attracting more and more people to appreciate. This is just like the rockery and fake water will also outline the conception of "the secluded waters of Qingshan Mountain, and the grass in the autumn is not withered."

Nowadays, in the modern city, high-rise buildings are built with reinforced concrete, and people enjoy the natural space more and more narrow, and people feel dull and depressed. In this noisy and cumbersome city, people began to seek green decorations that are close to nature. The emergence of home decotations artificial flowers has undoubtedly established a bond to the beautiful nature.