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What are the advantages of Artificial Decorative Flowers?
2019-09-03 09:52:06

1. Less affected by the environment. Planting plants indoors is not easy, as most public spaces and offices are air-conditioned and indoor lighting is often lacking. Artificial flowers are easy to get the color of artificial flowers. Keep it bright and seasonal. It is not as dry and dry as plants and flowers.

Artificial Decorative Flowers

2, the price is not high. Some are much lower than the actual flowers, easy to carry and easy to carry. When you need to change the design, you can regroup to change your mood. Suitable for public family beautification and enduring the environment.

3, strong plasticity, green and environmental protection. Artificial Decorative Flowers materials mainly include plastic products, silk products, polyester products and materials made of resin clay, metal rods, glass tubes, leaflets, filaments, decorative paper and ribbons. No pollution or no pollution. Due to the elasticity of the material, it can be coordinated with special height and shape models and can be kept green and beyond the limits of authenticity. The images are vivid, vivid and beautiful. Compare flowers and plants.

4, easy to maintain, artificial flowers, plants, no flower cultivation, no leaves, no decay, no water, no mosquito breeding, no need to control water, pruning, insects, etc.; artificial flowers are photosynthesis, no need to carry children The adverse effects of people and injuries are suitable for families with children and elderly people at home.