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    14.2x3.7cm Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot

    Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot has an extremely wide range of uses, so what are its benefits?
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Description:14.2x3.7cm Artificial/Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot

Item no: lpn1982n


Material: foam 

Packing: 108/1296pcs/63x56x53cm

Size: 14.2x3.7cm

Occasion: indoor and outdoor decoration for home/supermarket/hotel/resterrant/airport/window show/model for vegetable shop

Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot

Benefits and Benefits of Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot:

1, can greatly induce consumer appetite. Whether in a restaurant or in a supermarket, the main motivation for consumers to purchase food is because they want to eat. Therefore, the realistic feeling of the food model reproduces almost all the advantages of the food itself, especially the effect of inducing "appetite". According to the statistics of hundreds of model users, the turnover of enterprises using food models for promotion has been generally improved, and these figures are the best embodiment of product value.

2, can save display costs. At present, the domestic popular a la carte and food authentic display, but do not know, if you want to maintain the "freshness" of the dishes themselves, then you must introduce expensive refrigerated fresh-keeping order cabinets, one-time investment is very huge. Moreover, the storage capacity of the storage cabinet is very large, and the monthly electricity bill is also amazing. In addition, the ingredients of the authentic dishes are oxidized after contact with the air, and in any case, the freshness of appetite is not maintained. If the food model is adopted, not only can energy be saved, but also the product's "permanent freshness display" characteristics strongly stimulate consumer appetite, which is really a two-pronged measure.

3, Improve the efficiency of guests' ordering. High turn-over rates will bring more benefits. If you apply Artificial Decorative Simulation Vegetable Red Carrot in front of your store, guests can decide their own consumption needs before entering the store. This has invisibly increased the efficiency of ordering, which has increased the turnover rate of the storefront and increased economic benefits.

Artificial Decorative Simulation Red Carrot

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