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    Artificial Decorative Fruits Spray Pear

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    2019-07-31 14:22:00

Description: Artificial Decorative Fruits Spray Pear

Item No: Lpn4597/61

Color: Yellow/ Customized

Material: Foam 

Packing: 24/144/68x35x68cm

Size: Total Length 75cm

Artificial Decorative Fruits Spray Pear

First of all, Artificial Fruits are generally fake fruits made of plastic, crystal and other materials. Nowadays, there are dried fruits dried with fruits, which are then transformed into fruits, and now the technology is getting better and better, the simulation technology is constantly improving, and the well-made artificial fruits are fake.

Compared to real fruit, Artificial Decorative Fruits has three advantages. The first point is that the image of the simulated fruit is realistic and perfect, and it can be compared with the fruit grown. The main raw materials are plastic products, silk products, decorative paper and ribbons. Metal bars, glass tubes, etc., these materials are very polluted, and the model of the simulated fruit can be kept fresh for a long time, which is irreplaceable for real fruit.

The second point is that Artificial Decorative Fruits Spray is the most convenient for office workers, because it doesn't need to be watered and fertilized to pruning leaves like real fruit. The care is more trivial, and Artificial Fruits can be used for the same decorative effect. Save a lot of time. The third point is that the price of the simulated fruit is much cheaper than the real fruit. It does not cost too much to buy and the price of the later maintenance, which is economical.

Company Information:

In the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, there is one firm to make your life gorgeous colorful ----- Yantai Lepin Trading Co.,Ltd

Yantai Lepin Trading Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of high-grade artificial flowers and artificial fruits. It has over 20 years of rich production experience. We have a professional team for product development. You can also make the combinations and designs you want based on your ideas and requirements.

All along, we have to market information as the basis, carefully refer to the views of customers, and constantly develop cheap and best-selling products, innovative varieties, forming a unique style of flowers. There are thousands different style samples. We have following series: pots, bouquets, single branches, wreaths, candle rings,  Christmas items, wedding items etc. The main market our company are Europe , The United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.  We get the trust from the customers all over the world.

Faced with the future development of enterprises, we always insist on the rules--- quality , innovation and credibility as the major business purposes. We will do our best to do more and more new designs and supply you our best service. 

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Artificial Decorative Fruits

Because of the artificial simulation decorative fruits string, the four seasons are new, environmentally friendly and energy-saving!The main manufacturing process of the artificial fruit is to select the production object, the mold making, the model model making, the coloring, the glazing, the model assembly, and the model finished product inspection.

The sartificial fruit has various expressions, freshness and good grades. It reproduces the color and beauty of the food itself with a realistic feeling, especially with the feeling of inducing the consumer's "appetite", giving people a refreshing effect and lifelike effect. Model can save a lot of advertising costs

“Good freshness display” reproduces the “freshness” of the dishes themselves. The high-end food display not only needs to be equipped with expensive refrigerated fresh-keeping a la carte cabinets, but also the raw materials of the authentic dishes are difficult or impossible to maintain the freshness of appetite for a long time.The artificial fruits can easily solve the above problems, save costs and attract customers' consumption.


1.What is your FOB port?

Qingdao port,China by sea

Yantai and QIngdao , china by air and express post such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX ect. 

2.What is your payment way?

1) Regular payment way - 30/70

2) LC at sight.

3.Which currencies are acceptable to you?

Usually is USD,RMB.

4.Is there any stock for immediate delivery?

As usual we do not have any stock. 

5.Do you offer discounts to the trade? What discounts do you offer?

A. We offer a couple discount pricing programs that are volume driven and benefit all our customers. 

Discounts by the quantities you ordered. Big order with more discount.  

6.We need some high quality pictures for our catalogue, can you supply us the pictures of the items we ordered?

Yes, it’s no problem.