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Artificial Crystal Flower Making Process
2019-02-23 11:10:10

The first step is to prepare Artificial Flower tools: pliers, scissors, knives, casings and other tools.

The second step is to prepare the raw materials: including special resins (transparent and various colors), filigree, colored tape, colorful powder, pearl powder and some auxiliary materials, such as flower cores and flower rods.

The third step, the shape: first bend the gold wire or silver wire one by one into the shape of the petals and leaves with the help of the casing, and make several large petals according to different levels of a flower, in a few pieces Petals, a few small petals, until the flower buds behind the flowers, the size of the leaves, and the small buds that are not open, the basic outline of these crystal flowers must be prepared first (of course, you can also make a contour But how many petals and leaves a flower uses must be determined in advance).

Artificial Flowers

The fourth step, the dipping solution: put the prepared filigree petals into the pre-prepared resin, stained with the solution and then take it out, let it rest for a few seconds, and let it dry, a crystal clear petal or leaf will do well. It is. In this step, according to your own needs, you can sprinkle a little pearl powder or colorful powder when the solution is not dry, to increase the crystal clear or colorful feeling of the crystal flower, and create a novel visual effect.

Sometimes in order to create a color transition effect on the same petal, it is necessary to apply a little more color on the tip of the petal to produce different shades of color, which is more realistic. If you like to pursue new things, you can simply adjust the color to make it more complicated, and make the crystal petals make colorful and grotesque effects. The abstract art is also very eye-catching. This kind of practice is generally suitable for making beautiful brooch and other accessories.

Repeat the above steps until you have all the accessories you need for a flower.

The fifth step, combination: combine the prepared petals into a flower, from small petals to large petals, until the flower buds, layer by layer, fixed with colored plastic strips, then add the flower core, connect the flower rod, Add the leaves and wrap them from top to bottom with the same color of glue. An artificial flower is finished.