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Introduction of High Artificial Flowers
2019-01-28 13:51:57

High artificial flowers, usually referred to as fake flowers made of stretched, crumpled paper, polyester, plastic, crystal, etc., and dried flowers baked with flowers, the industry is commonly known as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name implies, use flowers as a blueprint and imitate them with materials such as cloth, yarn, silk, and plastic. Today, high-simulation products are getting better and better, and they can be messy. In addition to the performance of various flowers, there are simulation leaves, simulation branches, simulation weeds, simulation trees and so on.

Artificial Flowers

The artificial flowers are freely and versatile, and can be styled, folded, folded, rolled, wrapped, curved, tied, glued, etc.; high artificial flowers are widely used, yarn, hemp, wool, wood, Polyester, non-woven fabric, paper, hair, metal yarn and other materials can be used as raw materials. The materials are extensive, the technology is easy to learn, the shape is random, and the products are sold well. This is the fundamental reason why the processing industry of high-simulation flowers has been favored by more and more small and medium-sized investors.

The artificial flower form is vivid and delicate, but its vitality is long-lasting, and there is no scent of flowers: the flower rod is bent freely, the leaves are freely curled, the petals are not afraid of sputum, and will not be deformed, which is convenient for storage, packaging and transportation. It is the direct driving force for the thriving high-tech flower trade.

High Artificial Flowers

High artificial flower material: formula resin clay resin clay is the core material of artificial flower, which is prepared from a variety of raw materials, the ratio of preparation: ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 45.4 grams, starch 34 grams, glycerol (glycerol) 0.8 grams, 0.4 g of preservative, 0.2 g of perfume, and 2.5 g of liquid paraffin.

Method for preparing artificial flowers: ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, starch, glycerin, preservative, perfume (variety with flavor first), placed in a blender, thoroughly stirred, and added to the water for 30 minutes while stirring. After stirring, the mixture was uniformly obtained to obtain a sludge. At this time, liquid paraffin was further added and stirred for 20 minutes to obtain a resin clay. If the resin clay is found to be hard during use, it can be prepared with an appropriate amount of liquid paraffin until the hardness is moderate.